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by MikeDemo | Last Updated: June 7, 2021

Five years ago, I joined InMotion Hosting as the Open Source Evangelist of the BoldGrid team. Throughout my time at InMotion Hosting, I visited some fantastic places around the world and, more importantly, met amazing people in the WordPress community. 

My first tweet as part of InMotion Hosting.

Last Friday, I announced, was my last day at InMotion. I have loved my time helping our users and partners succeed.

My last tweet as part of the InMotion Hosting.

At the heart of every interaction was the community. Community is why I got into open-source, from Mambo to Joomla to now WordPress. People make the magic happen, and I have been lucky enough to work in the community professionally at InMotion Hosting these last 5 years.

InMotion is a great place to work, and I would recommend them to anyone. They are currently looking for a HubSpot Administrator, Marketing Specialist, and a WordPress Developer.

A while back my friend Tessa from Devocate sent me this tweet in my DM:

Community Development Lead Job Post

What drew me to Codeable was the focus on helping their expert community work when and how they want at a fair price. The current solutions are not viable and undervalue what experts provide. The WordPress developer community is not a commodity but a group of some of the most talented people on the planet.

I am happy to announce I will be joining the Codeable team as the Expert Community Development Lead! I will be working alongside terrific people like Christopher Churchill and David Papandreas, helping freelancers #buildwithheart.

I will still be around WordCamps, Meetups, and other open-source events. I will still be talking about ducks and which way they face. Most of all, I will be doing my best to support the WordPress Developer community each day.

You can reach me on all the usual channels before or shoot me an email at my shiny new mikedemo@codeable.io email address. If you are a developer looking for some extra income, consider applying as a Freelance WordPress Developer.